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Connecting With Others Who Have the Same Bean Bags

We talked about a lot of the different products that we ship. Everything from African Mango to giant bean bags. We’ve had a lot of talk about our giant bean bags and how they can be shipped.

Shipping can be kind of tricky with these giant bean bags. It isn’t for us, the one shipping it, but for people who are interested in knowing how they’re going to get their bean bags. Sometimes people get their bean bags in 1 box and they are concerned because they think that part of the shipping is missing.

Bean Bags Come in 2 or More Boxes

Sometimes in transit, the boxes get separated and one will arrive earlier than the other. This is okay, though. As long as you can get both boxes you’ll be fine. Once you receive the second box and you will have everything you need.

Oftentimes are giant bean bags come into one, two, or even three boxes. The large ones are always going to come in at least two boxes. The reason for this is that the foam filling is vacuum-sealed and packed and we can’t send everything in one giant box. The giant bean bag comes in several boxes to accommodate the foam filling, and the microwave cover and liner.

The cover takes up a lot of space and obviously cannot be vacuumed sealed like the foam. If you have any further questions about how we ship these or what to do with this gigantic bean bag once it arrives at your home, you can visit our previous article.

huge bean bags


We are happy to explain any of the shipping aspects of giant bean bags as they are very popular product that we send out on behalf of the various companies that sell them. These gigantic bean bags have become a huge hit as more and more families are using them in their family room. They are great for entertaining and extremely comfortable to lounge around on and for entertaining.

Giant Bean Bag – Shipping

Ever wondered how the ship those giant bean bags? Well, a lot of times it doesn’t come in one box. It actually comes in two or more boxes. Why two boxes? Well it helps to understand what exactly comes in the boxes. In one box, there is the bean bags’ microsuede cover. The cover is the luxurious microsuede exterior that you see when you see the bean bags online. Also inside that box is the liner. This liner is made of regular cotton and isn’t really meant to look pretty. What it does is hold the giant bean bags’ foam together in case you need to take the cover off of to clean it.

In the second box, is the actual foam for the giant bean bags. When you get the shipment, you take the foam, put it in the liner, and put the liner in the microsuede cover. Let it fill with air for about a day and you’re ready to go!


Giant Bean Bag Bed

One of the most interesting things we shipped today was a bean bag be from They are quite huge. In fact, they probably wouldn’t even fit in most rooms, so make sure you have space for it!

If you’re interested in buying one, you can check them out here:

Sizing Up Room for the Bean Bag

These bean bag beds measure 8 feet long by 8 feet wide and site about 2 feet high. When you consider the size of most rooms, it’s pretty certain that these are designed for large rooms and home. It probably wouldn’t fit in most apartments. So if you’re going to buy one of these makes sure you measure the room. Another thing to keep in mind is that you want to have enough space to walk. If your room is 7 feet wide, and you put this huge bing bag in there you will only have about 3 inches on each side of it to walk or stand (6 inches left by the bean bag divided by 2 because there are 2 sides).

7 ft bean bag

So, assuming you have enough room for this jumbo giant, the question a lot of people ask it. How do you shop that colossal furniture? Here’s how..

Shipping Giant Bean Bags

giant bean bag unpackingThese bean bag actually comes, not in one box, but several: Depending on the size, you’ll either get 2 or 3 boxes. One is for the microsuede cover and the liner. The other boxes are for the foam filling. They are vacuum sealed and packed into their respective boxes for shipping.

Once it arrives at your house, you open up the box. Be careful not to cut anything inside. Remember, it’s vacuum-sealed so it will be very snugly in its’ plastic wrapping. You remove then cover and liner and unfold it. Then you open up the box with the foam filling for your giant bean bag bed and you dump the foam into the liner. At first, it’ll seem like there isn’t enough foam. But, as air gets to the foam filling it will expand again to its normal, fluffy size and fill up that entire lining. You can expedite this process by breaking it up with your hands through the liner. Before the huge bean bag bed has fully expanded, you’ll want to sling that liner filled with the foam into the microsuede cover while it’s still easy to do. If you wait too long, it will be hard to get it in there.

After about 24 hours your giant  bean bag will have fully expanded to its giant sized capabilities and will be ready for you to relax on it.

huge bed beanbag

As you can see, the process of shipping out these huge bean bag beds is a fairly interesting one, and people who buy them online may not have thought of how their actually going to get their package(s). But, it’s pretty simple once you know the details and what to expect.