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Connecting With Others Who Have the Same Bean Bags

We talked about a lot of the different products that we ship. Everything from African Mango to giant bean bags. We’ve had a lot of talk about our giant bean bags and how they can be shipped.

Shipping can be kind of tricky with these giant bean bags. It isn’t for us, the one shipping it, but for people who are interested in knowing how they’re going to get their bean bags. Sometimes people get their bean bags in 1 box and they are concerned because they think that part of the shipping is missing.

Bean Bags Come in 2 or More Boxes

Sometimes in transit, the boxes get separated and one will arrive earlier than the other. This is okay, though. As long as you can get both boxes you’ll be fine. Once you receive the second box and you will have everything you need.

Oftentimes are giant bean bags come into one, two, or even three boxes. The large ones are always going to come in at least two boxes. The reason for this is that the foam filling is vacuum-sealed and packed and we can’t send everything in one giant box. The giant bean bag comes in several boxes to accommodate the foam filling, and the microwave cover and liner.

The cover takes up a lot of space and obviously cannot be vacuumed sealed like the foam. If you have any further questions about how we ship these or what to do with this gigantic bean bag once it arrives at your home, you can visit our previous article.

huge bean bags


We are happy to explain any of the shipping aspects of giant bean bags as they are very popular product that we send out on behalf of the various companies that sell them. These gigantic bean bags have become a huge hit as more and more families are using them in their family room. They are great for entertaining and extremely comfortable to lounge around on and for entertaining.