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New Challenges in Shipping Internationally

With the continual globalization of the economy, more and more businesses need their products to be shipped internationally. While this growth can be exciting and lucrative, it posing many challenges as well.

map of South AmericaFor example, in some Latin-American countries such as Chile and Colombia there are unique situations that arise. While most of the developed cities in Colombia, like Bogota and Medellin, have a well developed infrastructure for their mailing and post system, the smaller towns do not. Some very small towns simply do not have reliable addresses.


It is not uncommon to see “4th House Passed the Convenience Store on the Left” (or its Spanish equivalent) listed as someone’s address in a very small town. Naturally, this can pose problems for the businesses that are simply not used to this kind of mailing system.

In these small towns, most people do have internet access and can easily buy products online. If someone in Mexico buys mango pastillas, they need to be able to have that physical product adelgazante shipped to their home, or at least a local post office. Moreover, this represents a growing market that was unreachable in the past. However, while businesses can easily sell them their products online, getting the actual physical product to the end customer is another story.

Many companies have opted for selling digital products to get around this obstacle. This is a smart move because the business can accept payment and deliver the product all through an internet connection. There is no need for shipping or logistics. Of course, this is not possible for all businesses.aut shipping michigan

Businesses that are selling health supplements, for example, need to have a way to get their products to their customers. There is no way to send them their nutritional products through the internet. Auto Shipping Michigan works to provide solutions to businesses that want to ship internationally.

Selling to the international market can be very lucrative and is a smart business decision if the logistics are in place and the stores can serve their online customers promptly with reasonable shipping rates and delivery times. We are already in the Central American and South American markets working to help businesses with an online presence reach their Spanish-speaking customers more effectively with their products and services.

In moving into these markets there have been many challenges. Where there previously was very little or a non-existent infrastructure, systems had to be put in place. This had to be done in a way that not only worked with the US-based businesses, but in a way that was satisfactory for the local governments as well.

For the most part, though, the local officials were please to cooperate and move their localities forward in terms of business development and overall connectedness to the global economic community. This represents great opportunity, not only for their citizens as consumers, but also as producers. With this new infrastructure in place, they are more ideally positioned to begin selling online, too.

For these reasons, we are proud be take part in the developing the systems and logistics for shipping and delivery in Central and South America and look forward to continuing to do so for years to come. This mutually beneficial relationship for US businesses and the Spanish-speaking market has been well worth the challenges.

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